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CNC boring and milling machine


better cutting rigidity and speed
Wooden Case,Standard packing
Delivery Time:
26 Working Days
Key Specification:
  • 400
    X axis travel/mm
  • 260
    Y axis travel/mm
  • 260
    Z axis travel/mm
  • 150-3000/300-6000
    Spindle speed/rpm
  • 700*260
    Table size/(L*W)
  • GSK980
    Control system
Product Details Specification
  • There is only one processing step in this case, which is milling groove of deep well pump cylinder. TX32 cnc mini milling machine has been in the market for over 15 years and due to its outstanding performance, flexible configuration and affordable price, it has been widely used and well received by its every user.……

small vmc machine
ZX25S is the smallest specification  
vmc machine of DATAN,it has once
after three times remodel,the original
zx25s is work table type vmc machine ,
the size is very small with larger bench drill
want to be ,only suitable for processing of
small cutting force ,the second modification
is bed type CNC vmc machine with current shape considerable ,the old model in form of spindle shaft ,through
v-belt transmission without configured weight block structure ,it’s transmission efficiency is low,easy to slip in case of
large cutting force,when the spindle shaft in the up and down movement is also easy to scratch ,the structure design
is extended in the old machine tools.
small vmc machine
At present ,the third generation small vmc machine structure as same
as in the market ,But now the production of such CNC milling machine
manufacture of small specification also can be counted on one’s finger’s.
Of course ,after 13 years ,several round of improvement ,the small vmc machine has the advantage of compact structure ,the rigidity of machine
tool,beautiful appearance with generous ,it’s performance is very suitable
for small parts processing
small vmc machine
Of course ,zx25s also has TX series
modularization design concept of biological
model,spindle unit (according to the users
cutting non-ferrous metal need high speed
or cutting black metal are need low speed
high torque to choose,tool change way (can
choose according to whether users change
frequently ),the control system can according
to user processing hole ,surface or high
precision to choose)and in form of protection
(for use the site environment requirement of
high and low to choose)can according to the
users processing requirements to be
configured so that the customers can spend
the least money to obtain the ideal CNC
small vmc machine small vmc machine mini cnc milling machine
High performance with low
price ,only small amount of
investment ,you can get into a
high-performance and efficient
vmc machine,to “little
humanized management “
come in .
ZX25s CNC drilling and vmc
machine compact structure ,
appearance generous ,so that
you get high efficient
processing at same times,due
to the full-featured with low investment,it is particular suitable for school teaching speech on probation.at present ,there are a
lot foreign eduction system purchase.

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