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cnc gantry machine


Small CNC Gantry Machine Can instead of large VMC ,But Price is Similar with VMC!
Delivery Time:
45 Working Days
Key Specification:
  • 1000
    X axis travel/mm
  • 600
    Y axis travel/mm
  • 500
    Z axis travel/mm
  • 10000
    Spindle speed/rpm
  • 1000*600
    Table size/(L*W)
  • Fanuc 0i MF-M5
    Control system
Product Details Specification

cnc gantry machine structure is close structure; it is more stable than normal open C structure.the best options used vmc machine

 used vmc machine
used vmc machine
Gantry structure is close structure;
it is more stable than normal open
C structure.(used vmc machine)
used vmc machine
The gantry structure avoids the
weakness in normal structure,
the depth is 50% less, that means
double in rigidity.(used vmc machine)
used vmc machine
We add more guiderail to solve the problem of weakness
in ram parts, it improve the rigidity more, doubled the
whole machine’s rigidity.
used vmc machine
Rapid Tools Changer innovated by Datan CNC,
approved by National Patent.
It fixe the Tools Changer on Saddle, moving with
spindle at same time, it is less time cost in tool
changing.(used vmc machine)
used vmc machine
1:1.2 work table customized for Mold machining, it is
designed in T shape, the Clamp position in sides, provide
more wide range for work piece, make it more suitable
for mould production, also to the square san round shape parts.
used vmc machine
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