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small vmc machine


Compact, high cost performance vertical machining center
Key Specification:
  • 650
    X axis travel/mm
  • 400
    Y axis travel/mm
  • 450
    Z axis travel/mm
  • 8000
    Spindle speed/rpm
  • 780×360
    Table size/(L*W)
  • Siemens 808D
    Control system
Product Details Specification
  • Hub Processing CNC Machining Center DATAN ME650. As one of the popular vmcs in Datan, ME650 has been well received both at home and abroad. ME650 standard configurations: X/Y/Z axis: 650/400/450mm; Syntec controller; 8000rpm, BT40, Arm 16 tools; rectangular guideway; screw type chip removal……
  • The ME650 in the video is processing valves fittings and the video shows many times of tool change(due to the processing need).The ATC of Datan machine nowadays are all Arm type one and Datan 4-axis is doing pretty mature and well. ME650 is one of Datan's hot products which also wins hundreds of customers.……
  • ME650 cnc machining center is one of the pioneer vmc of Datan, which has had thousands of customers and is popular among the customers. Its x/y/z travel is 650/400/450mm, with many customized configurations like ATC, controller, guideway, etc. The video shows adjusting arms processing.……
  • I have a customer from Slovakia, i called him Marcel ,he bought 1 set ME650 cnc machine center from our company at 25/October/2015 .Because he is end user , he haven’t professional engineer with enough ability to help him install and debug machine , therefore he need i and my engineer to help him .……

vmc machine cost

vmc machine cost vmc machine cost
The main part is of thick ribs
box structure.
Main base is made of Grey
casting iron in high grade
with heat treatment.
3 Axises are of wearing full
support, under double way
The Balancing weight
contains mobile guiding
Whole improving in function, the perfect combination of efficiency and stability
Machine(base,column,saddle,table) has improve 50% in
rigidity compare with traditional structure, in cutting feed
rigidity either, Improve accuracy in machining and the
durability of tools.
Whole improving in function, the perfect combination of efficiency and stability
Saddle modified into thick ribs box structure, get 50%
more in rigidity.
vmc machine cost
Get 30% more power in 3 axes, 35% in spindle motor.
Whole improving in function, the perfect combination of efficiency and stability
Column of VMC machine now is wide range box structure, improving 60% in rigidity.but has lower vmc machine cost
vmc machine costcnc machine price
With this system, can get of the chips
efficiently, saving time much.
Powerful chip washing system, it can
washing out the chips rapidly, avoid
the bad effect in machining.
Standard Arm types A.T.C., more
rapidly than armless type in changing
tools, provide more efficiency in
Full leveled up in CNC system, more
comfortable with human engineering,
simply operation.

vmc machine cost,vmc machine cost

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