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Datan Culture
Datan has experienced many changes over the past 50 years, along the way, it has been committed to serve people associated with metal cutting-industry of automobile, valve, molds, hardware and medical equipment. etc. Honesty, high quality, trustworthiness and innovation are core values set by the company founder. Those values determine the way we work, the quality of our service also the sincere attitude we serve you.

Our Core Values

We adhere all the time to the core values set by the founder of our company, which are honesty, high qualiy,trustworthiness and innovation. These are not only ideal beliefs of our work but also the values integrate into our breath and blood, and which reflected in every product and every service we offer.

Our Leadership

It is true that the quality of a company is mirrored by the quality of its leadership. During the 50 years of development history, head of Datan scrupulously abides the core values and leads us to brilliantness.

Our strategy

Emerging economies around the world are vigorously developing manufacturing. And China, after 20 years of large-scale development of CNC, has been able to provide machine tools with high quality but low price. Datan has been committed to provide more energy-efficient machine for the emerging economies. Our business focuses on six key areas-Russia, Turkey, the Middle East, Brazil, India and South Africa which will contribute greatly to world economy. Datan firmly believes, by offering them equipment solutions with superior performance, we can help users get ready for the challenges and achieve success. In order to make emerging economies achieve energy-efficient processing, Datan is ready to make its due contribution.
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