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VMC machine 1060


The first selection of mould processing models
Wooden Case,Standard packing
Delivery Time:
26 Working Days
Key Specification:
  • 1100
    X axis travel/mm
  • 600
    Y axis travel/mm
  • 550
    Z axis travel/mm
  • 60-8000
    Spindle speed/rpm
  • 1200*600
    Table size/(L*W)
  • Siemens 808D
    Control system
Product Details Specification

VMC milling machine

VMC milling machine
Datan CNC in VMC milling machine 13 years, we offer
you best rigidity on machine, less
cost and less space from you.
VMC milling machine
Avoid the distortion in A.T.C. that caused the tools and
spindle not in proper alignment.
Avoid the change in accuracy in worktable
Improving 40% in column rigidity
Rolling structure in Z axis
VMC milling machine milling machine
It adopts 6 rams designs in worktable,
20% rigidity more than normal design
in worktable.
Materials are in superior quality, best
Performance and Features Performance and Features
Avoid the accuracy loss caused by worn guiderail,
it keeps the machine in well maintenance, suitable to
high speed machining.
Performance and Features
Best solution in improving rigidity for Z axis
by short Throat Depth,
Fewer quivers on spindle box in heavy load
milling machine
It is more stable when Datan CNC adopts
the new Nitrogen Weight Balance system,
Now it is more fit to high speed machining.
milling machine
This machine has 8 supporting feet
plus thick honeycomb machine body
structure, less distortion caused by
weight, make the base more stable.
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