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CK Series CNC Lathe


Wooden Case,Standard packing
Delivery Time:
25 Working Days
Key Specification:
  • 6-750
    Spindle speed/rpm
  • GSK980
    Control system
  • 1000
    Capacity Max. Swing
  • 1500
    Capacity Max.Workpie
  • Horizontal
    Tool Machine's type
Product Details Specification

Work pieces weight load: 3.5 tons

Comparing with others Supplier:

cnc Lathe Spindle,Centre for Tailstock More Larger

Machine Guideway Width More Larger

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For All our Lathe Machine,The guideway of Machine body,XZ Axis carriage have been treated by quenching and Artificial precision scraping.

Machine Usage and Characteristics:

cnc lathe adopts with Fanuc,Siemens or GSK controller,have programming control(pc)and CRT Monitor,with line and curve interpolation.
X,Z feeding with AC servo mortors,pulse coder,the guide width is 600mm,the body made of high quality cast iron after high frequency quenching.
Saddle guide with plastics sticking, has little friction.
the Spindle adopts with CVT device, in tri-supporting structure, with super rigity.

cnc lathe can work on wide range,round,inner hole,face,slot,conical surface,chamfer,cone,cylinder screw,curve surface. 


If need Economic type Manual Type without CNC Controller?

Yes. Available !

If need Larger Swing dia. Gap-Bed lathe?

Yes. Available !

Any others Special Requirements?

Yes. Available !


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