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NX Series CNC Milling Machine

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The NX series CNC milling machine equipped with working lights, powerful chip washdown devices, dust-proof electrical boxes, CNC system box, tool box, chip bucket, which make it more convenient and faster.   

Work lights, with function of explosion-proof and waterproof while providing a bright operation space. The powerful chip washdown device can exclude the cutting iron fillinfs to the outside quickly and efficient. The dust-proof electrical boxes using advanced electronic components with better dustproof effect and enhance the service life of the electronic components. CNC system box is integrated operator panel, centralized operation functions of the various systems and provide users more convenient operation interface. Humanized design of tool box, make it easy to put some tools.

The spindle box of NX Series milling machine using the high performance of 8YU timing belt or gears vice transmission, which increasing the cutting torque 2-8 times, applicable steel material parts, high-torque machining and high speed machining of non-ferrous metals.  Achieving the efficacy of small machine with high torque, that has the wider range of application and higher efficiency than the other products in the market.

This series models have the characteristic of modularization, combination and optional functions .the control systems of this vertical milling machine can be HNC 18i, Pou Yuen LNC410, or Syntec EZ4M; also the clients have great availability of machine accessories and tools.

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