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Pioneering CNC Milling Machine

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       This project comes from users’ requirements. Our company develop function optional machine. Development of formation the lower investment and manufacturing cost, and formation of dozens of different models, different configurations, different functions of CNC machine tools. The user can select the necessary functions and remove the extra functions, get the most cost effective CNC machines.

      This series of CNC machine have adopted machine bed used on machining center with wide guide rail and the guide rails have good wear-resistant capacity .main casting parts are made of resin sand that dealt with electric furnace smelting , which bestows the milling machine with a high rigidity. The adoption of ball screws with bearing at both end has ensured the mini cnc milling machine a stable accuracy.

      The control setting can add extra electrical indexing head or NC indexing head ,electric rotary table or NC rotary table and A.T.C system. Optional full enclosure splash guard of machine not only makes the machine attractive but also prevents the coolant from leakage.

      Automatic tool change is suitable for several continuous complicated processing on the base of one-time tool change. The gearbox has adopted stepping belts to obtain a high speed and can applied to the processing of drilling ,tapping ,milling ,boring ,etc.

      After adding frequency changer and the adoption of gearbox with gear ratio 1:4/1:8, the machines have the function of stepless speed and automatic speed change to gain large torque with low speed, suitable for processing tapping screw thread and milling and cutting larger-diameter hole with low speed.

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