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Does VL636 Machining Center Suitable

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The product of Hangzhou Datan CNC Machine Tool CO., LTD. VL636 is an excellent quality vertical milling machine which is high-efficiency, high-precision and high reliability.

Adopting advanced machine design patents in Germany, integration of the main structure and functional accessories, use of strict process. No matter for the precision parts process or general mold process, this series will provide you the excellent functionality. Precise spindle goes through secondary dynamic balance testing. The standard speed is 8000rpm, and the optional spindle is 10000-15000rpm. Also, this machining center adopts C3 class precise ball screw, laser-based measuring, ball bar testing &μ bidirection pitch compensation

The light ribbed worktable with high rigid linear guide way has met the demands for high-speed and high-precision processing.The key components of the VL636 such as bed and spindle all use Meehanite casting. The structure of casting adopts one piece technology, processing by our large five-sided machining through one-time clamping. The machine has high rigidity, high strength, excellent geometric shape and position accuracy.

Does this VL636 machining center suitable for you?

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