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CNC Machine Center Maintenance Method

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A good maintenance of the CNC machine center is can make the CNC machine center precision to maintain the best condition ,and also can prolong CNC machine center service life , Metal processing to provide some experienced for you ,help you improve the maintenance ability . 

Matters needing attention:After machine start , prohibit maintenance of the CNC machine center ,During maintenance , the circuit breaker should be disconnected.

How to maintain the CNC machine center processing precision ?

1,After starting up,must be preheating 10 minutes and then processing .Long time unused machines should be extend the time of the preheat . 
2, Check the oil is unobstructed or not  
3,take it off before ,put workbench ,saddle at the machine center .
4,keeping machine dry and clean 

Maintenance inspection:
1,Everyday Maintenance :
(1)Check the oil level height of the cnc machine center ,to ensure the lubrication of the CNC machine center and recommend use the T68# guide rail lubrication . 

(2)Check the cooling liquid tank is sufficient or not , please to add on time if not enough .

(3)Check the oil level height of the pneumatic triplet ,about 2/3of the entire oil pipe .

(4)Check the air pressure, relax the adjustment knob, according to the right hand pressure, left and right pressure adjustment pressure, generally set to 5 ~ 7KG/CM2. Pressure switch is usually set to 5 KG/CM2, less than 5KG/CM2 when the alarm, the system appears "AIR PRESSURE LOW" alarm, pressure rise, the alarm information disappeared. 

(5)check the spindle taper inside air blowing is normal, wipe with a clean cotton spindle taper hole, and spraying the light oil. 

(6)cleaning cutter and cutter, especially the cutter. 

(7)clean exposed outside the limit switch and touch block. 

(8)clear the table, inside the machine, three axis telescopic shield cutting and oil. 

(9)check all the signal lights, abnormal alarm lamp is normal. 

(10)check whether there is leakage of oil pressure unit. 

(11)the daily work of the machine tool after the completion of the cleaning work. 

(12)to maintain the machine around the environment clean. 

2,Weekly maintenance 
(1)clean the cnc machine center air filter of heat exchanger, cooling pump, lubricating oil pump filter. 

(2)check the tool pull bolt is loose, the knife is clean. 

(3)check whether the three axis mechanical origin offset. 

(4)check the tool magazine for the knife arm movements or knife disk rotation is smooth. 

(5)if the oil cooler oil cooling oil such as check, please tick below the oil cooler oil and timely. Recommend the use of 10# spindle oil. 

(6)check the oil cooler temperature settings, it is recommended to set between 26-28 degrees. 

3,Monthly maintenance 
(1)Check the cnc machine center X, Y, Z three axis rail lubrication, the track surface must ensure good lubrication. 

(2)check, clean limit switch and touch block. 

(3)check the unclamping cylinder oil cup oil is sufficient, insufficient time to add. 

(4)check the machine on the signs and warning signs are clear, there is. 

4,Half of the maintenance 
(1)open the triaxial anti debris shield and clean three shaft oil pipe joint, ball guide screw, three axis limit switch and detection is normal. Check whether the hard rail of each shaft wiper blade is good. 

(2)check the servo motor and the head of the normal operation of the head, there is no abnormal sound. 

(3)the replacement of oil pressure unit oil, cutting tool reservoir reducer. 

(4)test the gap between the axis, the need to adjust the amount of compensation. 

(5)clean electric box dust (to ensure that the machine is in the closed state). 

(6)a comprehensive inspection of the contacts, connectors, sockets, switches are normal. 

(7)check and adjust the mechanical level. 

5,Annual maintenance 
(1)check all the buttons are sensitive to normal. 

(2)clean the cutting water tank, replace the cutting fluid. 

(3)check the vmc machine accuracy of each axis, decide whether to adjust.

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