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Pakistan Customer Bought CNC Lathe From Datan

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June 14, two clients from Pakistan came to our company forsite view, our international market sales manager and technical engineerreceived the guests. We take guests to visit our showrooms and give them abrief introduction of our company and our products, allowing guests have apreliminary understanding to our product specifications and types.

Guests listened carefully and also from time to time inquiring about the products. The workshop visiting takes after the exhibition hall.Firstly they came to our automatic CNC console, the staff is designing process.In this way, guests will be able to know they are professionals from their expression. Then we come to our CNC lathe factory, they ask many professionalquestions about the machines, and our engineer gives them the satisfied answers. 

And then is the packaging workshop, what is shown is cleanground, console clean products, all guests feel good about that.

This clients is from Pakistan, it’s a trade company for PUMachines, TPR Machines, EVA Machines, PVC Machines, Toe Lasting Machines, Heeland Side Lasting Machines, Leather Cutting Presses, Sewing Machines, SolePresses. Also shoe raw material, TPR Material, Adhesive material, counterMaterial, In socks, Eyelets & Buckles, Insole Board &Shank Board, Storable Material, Splitting Knives, SewingThreads.

At last he order two CNC lathe in our company, hope wewill have further cooperation in the future.

Our company has decades of experience in design,development, manufacturing and exact using of combination cnc machine tools,CNC milling machine, CNC boring and milling machine, CNC gantry type machining center, CNC vertical and horizontal machine and cnc lathe. Datan is a nationalhigh-tech enterprise, national Torch Program committed enterprise and nationalinnovation fund supported enterprise. 

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