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DATAN cnc milling machine maintenance

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vmc machine is a sophisticated equipment , the operator must be trained and skilled operation.                                                 

cnc milling machine daily maintenance:

1. Operator at the end of each class processing should be cleaned scattered on the worktable, a guide rail, etc. the chip, grease; before the end of the work, each axis servo drive return to the origin after the shutdown;

2. check whether each lubricating fuel tank to meet the requirements. The manual refueling point, according to the provisions of gas;

3. watch the machine rail and screw surface has no lubricating oil, keep good lubrication;

4. check hydraulic clamp operation, spindle operation;

5. work to observe the scraps, the cutting fluid system is working properly, there are serious scraps should stop cleaning;

6. if leave the machine long time to turn off the power, to prevent non professional operation.  


CNC milling machine weekly maintenance:

1. every week to conduct a comprehensive clean-up of CNC milling machine. The guide surface and the sliding surface and the wire rod lubricating oil;

2. check and adjust the belt, plate and strip elastic fit;

3. check and tightening the screw, the slider feed driving mechanism, hand wheel, table bracket screws, screw;

4. check the oil filter is clean, if dirty, must be washed;

5. check the electrical cabinet filter, cleaning the dust adhesion.  


cnc milling machine quarter maintenance:

1. check the lubricating oil pipe to the oil window smoothly, bright, and check the oil tank has no sediment;

2. cleaning machine inside the chip, grease;

3. each lubricating point refueling;

4. check all transmission parts loose, meshing gear and rack, when necessary to adjust or replace the;

5. check electric cabinet and operation platform, the fastening screw is loose, clean up the dust inside the cabinet with a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer. Check for loose wiring connections (see electrical specification);

6. check all button and choose the performance of the switch, the contact point is good, no leakage, replacement of damaged.  


CNC milling machine annual maintenance:

1. check ball screw, wash the old grease on the screw, a new grease;

2. replaced X, bearing grease, Z axial feed part replacement, must clean bearing;

3. cleaning all kinds of valves, filters, cleaning the tank bottom, according to the provisions of oil;

4. spindle lubrication box cleaning, replacement of lubricating oil;

5. check motor commutator surface, blowing toner, excessive wear of carbon brush and timely replacement of;

6. adjust motor drive belt tightness;

7. cleaning clutch, cleaning the cooling box and replace the coolant, replace the cooling pump filter.

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