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Founded in 1902, 3M Company (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing), headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, is a world famous diversified multinational enterprise. For centuries, 3M's products have be in deep in people's lives from household goods to medical supplies, from transportation, construction to many areas like business, education and electronics, communications, etc., which greatly changed the way people live and work.

As such a world-renowned company, 3M initiatively choose Datan. It is because the small cnc milling machine and small cnc machining center of Datan have brought efficient experience to their many users and are unique among all the small cnc milling machines in teh industry.


The purchasing manager of 3M Company unconsciously saw Datan’s equipment, which was also affirmed by its users, and thus launched a consultation to Datan. This manager took complete recognition of Datan’s differentiated products developing idea and the very efficient processing route. He spoke highly of the technical team of Datan and was very willing to recommend Datan to cooperate with 3M worldwide. 

That time, 3M Company purchased the smallest cnc machining center model ME500 with high rigidity and high efficient. Although the required processing precision for its medical devices was not high, the actual machining precision, efficiency and equipment prices were absolutely to the satisfaction of  the users.

ME500 is one of the few small machining center with high rigidity, its diversified configuration can meet customers’ demand for high rigidity, high speed and high precision, and its high rigidity structure and the compact, innovative shape design are much sought after by the market.

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With 50 years of technical experience, Datan integrates combination machine tools with general machines, provides efficient processing solutions to thousands of customers and makes it no longer a dream for them to improving 50% of processing efficiency. We are sincerely glad to provide a variety of consulting services for overseas buyers and Datan really welcome your inquiry.  

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In my heart——Always Adhere To The Principle Of Customer First
Datan always adhering to the challenges and is committed to providing unique and original products and services. Constantly helps customers over the world to achieve desired new processing method.

  • used vmc machine
    Modle:used vmc machine ME500
    Features:high precision and high speed vertical milling machine
    Packing:Wooden Case,Standard packing
    Delivery Time: :26 Working Days
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