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5-axis Machining Center-World's First Piano Pillar Production Line

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 “A great piano is the one that makes you have deep emotional impact on the audience, and YAMAHA created such a piano. It is the incredible product that combine emotion, response and technology together. And that’s why I am so in love with YAMAHA.” commented the internationally renowned pianist Sviatoslav Teorisovich Richter and yet he was not the only one who so favored YAMAHA. Actually, YAMAHA is not only the choice for the world’s top pianists, but also respected by the best school and musicology institutes. 

As an enterprise of over one hundred, YAMAHA kept the rather traditional method of production. And it was not until the 21st century, the time of rapid development of CNC industry, that YMAHA followed the trend by starting the NC production rather than the traditional form. Thus its senior Mr. Gao Shan took a technical teem with him looking for a cooperation of high standard that with innovative R & D capability and up to the standard of Japan manufacture around the world. In the 6 months’s visit and study for over 20 machine tool manufacturers, they finally decided Datan as the provider for the NC production line of its landmark piano pillar. 

Piano pillar, as one of the most important components in piano, is the key to the quality of the piano and needs to be installed with key nail and strings. The seemingly simple pillar surface is actually an irregular surface, and the traditional production method is to use the molding artificial profiling, while in CNC machining a 5-axis(5-axis machining center) is achievable. 


YAMAHA Chief Engineer Mr. Kikuchi took full participation in the process from the various works under his supervision at the start to the completion of the final installation. He commended Datan with his thumbs up:”It is incredible, and till now i still can’t believe that you can complete the job so well”!

So the world’s highest level of modernization, the fastest production efficiency, the best quality and the most stable production line of piano pillar was born. The processing equipment in the entire line were completely controlled by the CNC, which owns the function of automatic loading and unloading, automatic positioning and clamping. Moreover, in each processing equipment, more than 20 positioning and clamping cylinders and over 100 detection switches were installed, which made every machine suitable for 5-axis machining. 

For a same worker, only 5 pianos were produced by the original form of molding artificial profiling but over 100 sets could be made with CNC machining. What’s more, compared with the original 120 minutes in testing, it has now been shortened to 15 minutes and some need 30 minutes. 

The benefits of CNC machining has been once again confirmed in the traditional piano manufacturing industry. And Datan is making a significant contribution to the traditional industry in NC up-gradation as well as the production efficiency and precision improvement by cnc machining center and vertical machining center. 


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 ME850 can be configured 5 axis vmc machine

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