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Highly Sophisticated CNC Machine Tools

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The highly sophisticated CNC machine tools of today, in the vast and diverse range found throughout the field of manufacturing processing, started from very humble beginnings in a number of the major industrialized countries. Some of the earliest research and development work in this field was completed in the USA and a mention will be made of the UK's contribution to this numerical control development.

A major problem occurred just after the Second World War, in that progress in all areas of military and commercial development had been so rapid that the levels of automation and accuracy required by the modern industrialized world could not be attained from the labour intensive machines in use at that time. The question was how to overcome the disadvantages of conventional plant and current manning levels. 

It is generally acknowledged that the earliest work into numerical control was the study commissioned in 1947 by the US government. The study's conclusion was that the metal cutting industry throughout the entire country could not cope with the de­mands of the American Air Force, let alone the rest of industry! As a direct result of the survey, the US Air Force contracted the Parsons Corporation to see if they could develop a flexible, dynamic, manufacturing system which would maximise produc­tivity. 

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