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Machining Center Situations and Trend Analysis

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Since the 21st century, the rapid development of China's CNC machining center, Production increased from nearly 500 units in 2001 to more than 20000 units in 2010. Output value increased from more than $30 million in 2001 to nearly $1.3 billion in 2010. Consumption quantity from 2000 to nearly 40000 units, annual consumption amount from more than $30 billion increased to more than $400 billion. Now the cnc machining center become the secomd category of CNC metal cutting machine tool after the CNC Lathe.

Since 2005, of China's CNC machining center consumption both output and output ranks first in the world. From the production point of view, in 2005 of China's CNC machining center production ranks sixth in the world in 2008, rose to third in the world (China Taiwan First, Japan's second). The output value of of China's CNC machining center currently ranks fifth in the world, located in Germany, Japan, China Taiwan and South Korea, over the first four are over the lathe machining center output value accounted for, machine tool output ranks first one.

With the development of China's machine tool industry, machining centers has also been a greater level of technology development, machining centers, major manufacturers have stepped up investment in product development, a group of badly needed long-term dependence on imports of high-grade machining centers, such as high-speed machining center, five-axis machining center made ​​a breakthrough, and has entered mass production.

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