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Tailstock In cnc Lathe

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An important element on any turning centre when turning between centres, is the design and adaptability of the tailstock and the ability to remove it from the cutting zone when it is not required. Tailstocks tend to be of either the solid, partially programmable, or fully programmable varieties, with increasing versatility being with the latter type. If tailstocks are of the solid casting type then their use is rather limited  supporting the workpiece only and some simple machining operations during the CNC machine program, whereas the partially programmable type can be "latched-up" to the centre-line for work support between centres, or used for drilling etc., 

If mechanically attached to the cross-slide, which is a provision most machine tool companies offer. Lathe shows a partially programmable tailstock in the "latch-up" position supporting a workpiece whilst locked in position on the lathe bed. 

By far the most universal variety is the fully programmable tailstock which offers all the features of the partially programmable version, but in addition has a continuous feed control of the barrel enabling a range of hole generating independent of the cross-slide operation. a hydraulic restrictor to give a variation processes to be achieved totally necessary because small diameter.

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