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About CNC Application in Milling Machine

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So far we have been concerned with the 1ikely problems that face a company embarked on a feasibility study for the purchase of new equipmentLet US now discuss the advantages to be gained from the purchase of the correct plant. 0ne of the main purposes in using a CNC machine tool is to increase the productive throughput with this equipmentbut thisit has shown, can only be effective when the other timeloss constituents have been minimized.

Although high volume production can occur using CNC equipment. It is not alone in this area and under certain conditions can be surpassed by using more conventional technologies, such as single and multispindle lathes, or plug board machine tools, as illustrated. However, even here most of these controllers are now being sold with CNC.

The major feature of a CNC milling machine is its ability to cut down drastically the lead times for similar components manufactured by a different plant and this has meant that an economic batch size is one! Even complex double, curvature component geometries can be quickly and successfully programmed by a trained employee using onor offline programming methods, but more will be said about this. 

The real advance in machine tool design and monitoring systems has meant that accuracy and the repeatability of a component’s dimensional characteristics can be confidently predictedthus time and again uniform work results.

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